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byDebs (London, United Kingdom) onSHCGlutathione
In love with your Glutathione
How well did you like the product? : Love it
Was the taste palatable?: Can't lie, the taste is bad but the result is great
Were you using it for skin-lightening or other purposes?: Lightening my skin

One of the best liposomal Glutathione on the market.  Haven't tried your companies other products but I'm excited too. The customer service team is actually really nice. Thank you very much!

bySandra (United Kingdom) onThe Good Peel - Micro-Peeling Bar Soap
Luscious soap

Luscious soap. It cleans so well and smells nice, can be drying though if you use it every single day. Would recommend using it only three - 4 times a week

bySinjin (London, United Kingdom) onTru Skin | Skin Lightening Body Lotion
Glowing Lighter Skin!

Honestly quite surprised at how well this lotion has worked, I was recommended your brand by a friend and I haven't been disappointed at all. My skin is lighter and clearer since using this lotion, but I do combine it with the soap and the 35% LA Lotion. The tru skin soap is too strong tho for using twice a day.

byTricia Lewis (Canada, Quebec) onTru' Skin - Skin Lightening Soap
Wonderful products

Wonderful products, the tru skin line has been working great for me. I have since tried the Soap, and currently using the Lotion and I love the results. Skin is gradually lightening and most of all clearer and glowing. Your customer care team is awesome as well! I will be a long term customer for sure.

byTracey (Islington, United Kingdom) onLiposomal Glutathione and Vitamin C
Bring some creams out!

After using almost all of your products for 8 months, I think its time I give my honest review.

LA lotion: The 25% lotion works amazing, the 10% lotion didn't do much but the 25% and the 35% have been great, I've even had some mild peeling going on. I use this every day, twice a day.

Glutathione and Vitamin C: I take a high dose, and have purchased 3 times now, and will be purchasing soon. The taste is strong, but I have to give credit where its due, it works better than any other Liposomal I have used.

Tru Skin Serum: Used 1 bottle, it gives a lovely fresh glow, but it does make me pale toned which I dont like to be honest. I can see it does work, as my dark spots got lighter and lighter each week though.

Tru Skin Soap: I bought 4 of these recently and I love this soap. I leave it on and wash it off, I've used this only a couple of times but I can see my skin is clearer and lighter. I use this twice daily and the difference in tone is obvious.

Kojic Soap: Cleans so well, I was advised to use this with the tru skin soap. Its quite drying with twice daily use, I cant say it lightens as I haven't used it that long but it clean so well.

Yellow Peeling Oil: Bought 10 bottles, the bottles have lasted me ages and I only peel my legs and arms. It peels like a snake but it works very very good. I did not follow the instructions properly the first time but I still got a good peel.

I've seen a massive change in my skin since I started with your brand, and I can honestly see why people rave about your products. I'm looking forward to any skin lightening lotions and creams you bring out, I honestly will be the first to buy!  The only thing I have a problem with is making some of the products available in single units, like the peeling oils.

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