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by Katrina (Belgium) on Liposomal Glutathione and Vitamin C
My stretchmarks are slowly disappearing!
Was the taste palatable?: The taste is not too bad.
Were you using it for skin-lightening or other purposes?: Health and skin related

To be completely honest here, I really did not expect anything magical to come from these products, but I was pleasantly surprised. I started using a high dose of glutathione and vitamin C (about 5000mg) on the 26/07/2019 and its now the end of October and most of my stretch marks have literally disappeared. I've had these stretch marks for years so I knew it was something I started doing that was working. My skin is also much brighter, more plump looking and youthful. I will be repurchasing for sure.

by Kimberley (Mississippi, USA) on The Good Peel - Kojic Acid Soap
Amazing, cant wait to see more Glutathione results!
How well did you like the product? : I loved all the products!
Was the taste palatable?: The Glutathione has a very strong taste, but I dilute it in enough water
Were you using it for skin-lightening or other purposes?: To clear up hyperpigmentation spots

Wow, I am in love with the kojic acid soap especially together with the LA lotion.  My pigmentation has cleared up alot from the lactic acid peeling lotion and when I combine it with the kojic acid, my skin is so much brighter. I wish I could honestly post photos here, I'm so grateful, thank you!

I also bought a few Glutathione bottles, so far, its made me a little brighter, I'll post an update after 3 months if I get lightening results....

by Tamara (California) on The Good Peel - Kojic Acid Soap
It gives me a real clean feeling

I am using this product with the aha lotion and I have definitely experienced clearer & brighter skin. it's been only 5 days so I can't comment much on skin lightening but im looking forward to leaving a 6 month post use review.  The Kojic acid bar is huge so will last me a long time...

by Anita (United States) on The Good Peel - Kojic Acid Soap
Mild fresh scent and cleans really well

Mild fresh scent and cleans really well.

Not sure why there's no photos up yet but this is how the soap looks like!


Really amazing peel

Used it twice now 4 weeks apart, the peeling is a lot, and if ur considering using it on the full body forget it. Use it it on certain areas, my skin is brighter, and my pores are smaller. I would recommend it, its just a bit on the expensive side

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