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by Camara (Hertfordshire, United Kingdom) on The Good Peel - Yellow Peeling Oil
Worked absolute wonders on my knees.

This peel works amazingly. I have done peels before, and never had such a good result. The hyperpigmentation on my knees lifted completely after 2 peels. I will continue to use this product and do a peel once every few weeks and I look forward to using your Glutathione and DIY skin lightening products. BTW: for anyone reading this review, I would NOT recommend using this a lot on the face. It is very strong unless you are really okay with doing peels.

by Lisa Kleen (Florida, United States) on The Good Peel - Yellow Peeling Oil
Really nice result. Not disappointed.

This really peeled my skin in the area I wanted it too. I followed it up with a natural skin lightening lotion and I can honestly say my hyperpigmentation is about 90% gone in a matter of 1 and half months.  This really really does the job for exfoliating and the bottle is tiny but lasts forever. Only disappointing thing is I can't get this quickly as it sells out so damnn fast

by Nicky (United Kingdom) on SHCGlutathione
Quality Products
Were you using it for skin-lightening or other purposes?: Skin Lightening

I have tried ALL of your companies products since early December and your best products yet are your glutathione and ur peeling oils. The yellow peeling oil worked super good on my knees and other body parts. The kojic soap works really well (a little drying if used every day), the LA lotion smells weird but it works really really well my skin is so much brighter, and more even-looking (i have used it for a month now).  Your brand of liposomal products is a lot easier to take, and I can tell its really good quality, its only been about 3 months but I can see my skin changing already.

by Kathleen (United Kingdom) on The Good Peel - Yellow Peeling Oil
Transformed my feet & knuckles

My feet arms and knuckles have never looked better. It was like a snake peeling off dead skin.  I also used a natural skin lightener afterwards and my skin lightened really evenly.  From just one bottle, I got more than 3 uses out of it with still some left so it is good value because you only need a small amount. Very professional service from their customer service team.

by Cindy J. (United Kingdom) on DIY Skin Lightening | Pure Alpha Arbutin Powder
Dissolves wonderfully

Bought this 4 weeks ago today, it dissolves instantly with some distilled water. The price for me is also very cost-effective since I only add like 10-15g to my 10z skin lightening lotion!  I have also noticed pigmentation on my arm clearing up since I started using it. Unfortunately, it gives the skin a bit of cool pale tone so I would really recommend adding something else to brighten up the skin

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