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Are Celebrities Turning to Glutathione to Lighten Their Skin?



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Last Updated Dec 26, 2018 | Published Nov 29, 2018 at 11:0AM | Author: Ruth Sanders

Take it Away

Celebs are lightening their skin using Glutathione. 

Skin lightening is not only a trend within celebrity culture, but it’s also become a ritual. 

Anyone and everyone can begin a Glutathione protocol.

We often associate having celebrity status with physical perfection. This industry requirement has often extended itself into the world of skin lightening.  Often times, it is non-disclosure agreements that prevent celebrity dermatologists and doctors from validating the obvious.

Celebs are always in the spotlight so nothing really ever goes amiss. The celebrity world is filled with glitz and glamour and all the photos that come it. So it hasn’t gone unnoticed that many black female celebrities (and black male celebrities)  have changed their skin complexion over the years. You may be questioning, why? or how? I mean surely one should love the skin they’ve been born with, and not wish to change it.  The Ethics of Skin Lightening go far beyond our topic of discussion today – so, we’ll just stick to whether recent reports of celebrities using Glutathione is a likely truth or a falsification. 

What we think…

Yes. They’re all using Glutathione, but not just  Glutathione. They’re using Glutathione in addition to a plethora of other skin care treatments, laser treatments, facials etc. Glutathione naturally inhibits the production of melanin, by blocking tyrosinase –  the enzyme responsible for the production of melanin and with it being one of the most important anti-oxidants in the human body, it slows down the aging process. 

The key to unlocking Glutathione and its skin lightening potential is a correct dosage, Vitamin C, and exfoliation. We have other articles addressing the recommended dosage, and how to get the most out of your Glutathione supplement. 

Why we think what we think…

We’re not just basing our judgment merely on speculation. Celebrities like Khanyi Mbau, Rihanna and Lil Kim have all openly stated to either using Glutathione or having treatments like “Vitamin Drips” – which by the way is essentially a cocktail of Glutathione and other Glutathione boosting anti-oxidants. 

It goes without saying that honesty is the best of all policies, and Khanyi Mbau is amongst the few celebs who have been very open and honest about their quest into the lighter side of life. This mogul has been lightening her skin using Glutathione for years and has no shame with regards to saying it and even helping others out. In her own words, “My skin is no secret!”. It sure isn’t, and she does look stunning! More power to you, girl!  

The Drawbacks to Copying the Stars

So now you know, many celebrities are using Glutathione to either lighten their skin, slow down the aging process, or simply consuming it for its health benefits.  Now you’re probably thinking: I want to start a Glutathione protocol but what’re the potential problems I’ll face with starting one?

Typically there are only two drawbacks to starting a Glutathione regimen: Expense & Dedication.

Glutathione works slowly. It is, in and of itself only ever a supplement. It takes at least 3-4 months, like all supplements for the body to fully assimilate the increase in production in the body.  The fact that it’s a slow process, and the results are never immediate can be one of the main reasons most people don’t carry on with a Glutathione protocol. However, all great things come to those who wait, that includes beautiful skin.

Expense. Glutathione isn’t cheap, as it’s not cheap to manufacture Quality L-Glutathione in its raw form this cost often trickles down to the purchaser.

At SHCGlutathione we endeavor to supply and distribute the finest L-Glutathione products made from EU and US-based manufacturers at a fair price.

Our free shipping for all takes away the extra burden involved in way of shipping and handling costs, so you only ever pay for what’s really necessary. 

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