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Where It All Began

The LipoGlow™  Liposomal Line was introduced by SHCGlutathione as a way of allowing Glutathione users to experience the multitude of benefits that Glutathione has to offer in an easy, readily available and highly bio-available liquid drink.

We are now carrying a Liposomal Collagen formula made from 100% plant-origins. Vollagen® is a vegan and vegetarian approved form of Collagen. It is made from complex Amino-Acids, and is widely known to be the closest comparison to Human Collagen, making it one of the most bio-available forms of Collagen on the market today.

Whats in it

Active ingredients:

Per serving (10ml):  1000mg Vollagen®. Proprietary Liposome Formula: Phosphatidycholine Complex. (from a NON-GMO Sunflower Lecithin Source).

 Other ingredients include:

Purified water, Glycerol, Rosemary Extract, Citric Acid Monohydrate, and Seabuckthorn Extract to ease the taste.

No fussy sweeteners, colorants, or synthetic fillers.

We believe in the simple life. 

Storage requirements

Liposomal products are sensitive to changes in temperature, and drastic changes in temperature can and will affect the potency of the liposomes.

We advise refrigerating both unopened and opened bottles upon purchase to ensure a stable and optimal temperature, thereby, preventing any potency loss that may come from changes in normal room temperature. 

How to use it

Mix 10ml of our Liposomal Collagen with sufficient water and drink accordingly. We recommend following up with 5ml or 10ml of our Liposomal Vitamin C to increase absorption, however, this is a not a requirment, only a suggestion.

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Important Facts

→  Liposomal products are concentrated formulas. Mix with water or juice when consuming. Dilution in water or juice does not affect the dosage, potency or concentration of the product. 

Our Shipping Rates.

We offer reduced shipping rates, and quite possibly the best rates you'll find for both local and international shipments. Our collaboration with courier services like DHL and UPS allow us to ship your parcel out with an Express Fully Tracked Service right until it reaches your door. Local UK orders are typically received within 1 working day, whilst international shipments can take between 2-3 working days (mostly 2 working days).

Hey, about 88% of our customers are returning customers,

so we must be doing something right.



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