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What Is TXCTM Cetyl Tranexamate?

TXCTM/Cetyl Tranexamate HCL is an advanced skin whitening ingredient produced by Japan Chanel Laboratory. Whitening effects are much more prominent when incorporated into a good skin whitening blend. TXCTM is considered to have 60x more of a whitening effect than generic tranexamic acid.  It is an oil soluble compound. 

How does Tranexamic Acid lighten the skin? 

Tranexamic acid works by slowing melanin synthesis by inhibiting the plasminogen/plasmin pathways. In doing so, this blocks interactions between melanocytes and keratinocytes. Over a span of weeks - months, age spots, hyper-pigmentation and melasma are drastically reduced. 


TXCTM powder is compatible with SepiWhite, Alpha Arbutin, GigaWhite, Vitamin C, L-Glutathione, Kojic Acid, and Kojic Dipalmitate.

Note: Avoid mixing too many powders into one lotion, aim for no more than 3 active skin lightening ingredients in one formulation.

Guidance & Precautions

To add TXCTM powder to your skin lightening cream or natural brightening lotion, it involves a simple 4 step process.

1. Ensure all your ingredients ready. 1) Any base cream (skin brightening/lightening lotions work best) 2) TXCTM powder 3) Vegetable Oil. You will also require two pots (a smaller and a larger one) to mix and dissolve the powder with the oil.

2)  Mix 1-2teaspoon (about 5-10 grams) in with a small amount of vegetable oil or any oil. Glycerin can also be used. Do not use water.  Place the mixture into a stainless steel pot, and use the double boiling method. Place the pot on top of another pot with warm water under heat. Mix, and wait until the powder has fully dissolved with the oil (it should not be grainy or powdery). 

3) Add the fully dissolved powder (with the oil) into your base lotion until it's fully mixed together. Add a little at a time, until it's all completely absorbed. 

Voila, you have just turned an ordinary brightening lotion, into a potent skin lightening lotion which you can use for at least 6 months.   Repeat the process as you wish.  Adding more than one skin lightening active will increase the potency of the lotion.  


TXCTM is not known to have any side effects and is generally safe for most people. 

However, this product is not intended for internal use.  Do not add the powder to products containing lactic acid, or AHAs as this can affect the pH balance of the lotion. If redness, itching, or irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.

Percentage & Usage

You should aim to use no more than 2-5% of any of our skin lightening additives in a single formulation. Using more than necessary can be counterproductive. Calculating percentages in a lotion is very straightforward, and guidelines have been shown below.

To make a 2% lotion, use 2grams of the Tranexamic Acid Powder in a 100gram base lotion.

To make a 5% lotion, use 5grams of the Tranexamic Acid Powder in a 100gram base lotion.

Facts about TXCTM

1.  TXCTM is soluble in oil or glycerin only.

2.  TXCTM is an advanced form of medical-grade tranexamic acid.

3.  The whitening effects of TXCTM are most prominent when used alongside other skin lightening actives.

4.  In the case of tranexamic acid, the discovery of its skin whitening properties was a case of scientific serendipity. Tranexamic acid was originally used orally for different medicinal purposes.  

5. TXCTM is a powerful ingredient used by expert product formulators. 

Pure TXCTM (Tranexamic Acid) Powder


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