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What is The Tru' Skin, Skin Lightening Soap?

 The Tru' Skin, Skin Lightening Bar Soap is a leave-on rinse off skin lightening soap containing high-strength Alpha Arbutin and Salicylic Acid. This soap bar has been specifically designed to lighten skin over time, and increase skin cell turnover through the use of multiple AHA's.

The active skin lightening ingredients in the soap must be left on the skin for at least 3-5 minutes for maximum effectiveness. This soap contains potent AHA's as such we do not recommend using this soap post-peel or during the peeling stage of any chemical peel. The Tru' Skin Strong Skin Lightening Soap is ideal for daily exfoliation and can be a great addition to a skin lightening regimen.  When used daily, or twice daily, skin lightening results can be observed within weeks of consistent use. For faster results, use twice daily. To avoid becoming too fair too quickly, use only once per day. 

What is in The Good Peel - Skin Brightening Soap?

Active ingredients: Papaya, Alpha Arbutin, Salicylic Acid, Citric Acid and Fruit Acids

Guidance & Precautions

Lather the soap well, and apply onto wet skin with the use of an exfoliating glove or a loofah. A slight tingle on application is normal. Leave on for at least 3-5 minutes then rinse off with clear water. 

*This soap contains high strength AHAs. *This product is unlikely to cause any allergic reactions or side effects, however, avoid using this product if you have any personal allergies to the ingredients listed above.


How to Use It For Maximum Effectiveness

1. Exfoliate the skin using an exfoliating scrub, or our Kojic Acid Glutathione Soap prior to application.  Then, apply the soap all across the body, leave the soap on for at least 3-5 minutes, or until the soap has fully dissolved into the skin. You might notice a slight tingle on application. This is completely normal.

3. Rinse any residue off with water.

4. Use twice daily for fast skin lightening results. 

Send us your before and after results, after 1-3 months of consistent use. We're quite sure you'll love your results.

Recent Reviews/Testimonials 

Each product user is sent a request to leave us their honest, unbiased review regarding our products in order to help others make an informed choice before their purchase. If you'd like us to publish your review, kindly get in touch with us via email. 

Tru' Skin - Skin Lightening Soap
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 1 reviews
 by Tricia Lewis (Canada, Quebec)
Wonderful products

Wonderful products, the tru skin line has been working great for me. I have since tried the Soap, and currently using the Lotion and I love the results. Skin is gradually lightening and most of all clearer and glowing. Your customer care team is awesome as well! I will be a long term customer for sure.

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