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We care about what we put out into the world. 

That’s why every product we stock has been vetted for its potency, quality, and composition long before it reaches your delicate hands  

We know our suppliers.

(and they know us)

We don’t just work with any ol‘ somebody. We work with the best and most accredited suppliers in the buizzness.  (we meant business). The process of sourcing a reputable supplier is an arduous task and one which we’re pretty sure we’ve settled right now. #knowyoursource


We’re cGMP approved.

A cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) approved product is a product produced in FDA regulated facilities. This essentially means no hunky dory business has been going on in the facilities and the product is legit and ready for use.   It is also a Quality Indicator,  as gaining cGMP approval by the FDA is not at all easy.  #verified

We work with the experts.

We work alongside leading physicians, academics and professionals across the globe to deliver proprietary vitamin formula’s which exceed our customer’s expectations.  This means you’re getting a great product, formulated by some very great minds. #expertproducts

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