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How did Kenyan Presenter, Vera Sidika Go Back to Her Original Skin Tone after Skin Lightening? 



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Last Updated Jul 14, 2018 | Published Jul 11, 2018 at 14:00PM | Author: Jasmina Patel

Vera Sidika, a Kenyan Presenter, a Socialite, and well, a lady that shocked the world of social media in 2015 with her ‘metamorphosis’, if you will, from being dark skin to having a much lighter skin complexion in the space of about 12-24 months.   Although she remains secretive about what exactly she used to achieve her lighter skin, it is, in fact, a no brainer that she delved into the use of Glutathione to achieve her lighter skin complexion. 

What we’re seeing now, is her reverting back to her original skin complexion in what seems to many as little as 4 days. As experts in the industry of Glutathione and Nutraceuticals, we know a lot about skincare, what works, what’s being used by celebrities and well what most people aren’t telling you.

Whether you agree with her decision (to lighten her skin or revert back to her skin complexion) or not, people are listening and wondering, and you know what they say “Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back”, and so we’re going to give you with the correct information you need to know about skin lightening with Glutathione.  

Can You Really Just “Go back to Black?” After Quitting Use of  Glutathione?

The short answer is yes & no. Although, there is no one method of skin lightening that is permanent (even monobenzone – a dangerous depigmenting agent), the skin will get lighter after the use of Glutathione for consistently long periods of time (Vera Sidika lightened her skin for about 5+ years), but as the process is gradual the revertion back to your original skin complexion is also gradual.

Glutathione lightens the skin from the inner layers of the skin. You will not appear 3 shades lighter overnight, but you might appear 3 shades lighter over say 12 months. The slower it takes the skin to lighten, the slower it will be to revert back to your original skin tone.  

Vera Sidika Stopped Skin Lightening Long Before…

This is because the infamous ‘supplements’ and ‘doctor trips’ that she eludes to in many of her videos rather elusively, is simply Glutathione and Vitamin C taken at high enough doses for her body. Taken consistently it does create an anti-melanogenic effect, hence the lightening of the skin.  

She very likely stopped all use of her Glutathione quite a long while ago, allowing her body to begin producing it’s genetically inclined composition of eumelanin (dark pigment) and pheomelanin (light pigment). 

So what does all this mean for you?

Not only is it a rather interesting social discovery, but it does reveal that skin lightening is simply a cosmetic enhancement, and it is reversible. Using Glutathione for the purposes of skin lightening does not mean you will stay that complexion forever. However, it does mean that you can achieve a natural, beautiful and lighter complexion (we must say she looked beautiful then and now!) without the use of harsh chemicals and irritants like hydroquinone, and have the choice of going back to your original complexion at any point. 

How does Glutathione Work & Can I use it too?

Glutathione is a natural anti-oxidant, that works by lightening the skin complexion from the dermis (inner layer of the skin) to the epidermis (outermost layer of the skin). The skin lightening result is a side effect of having an excess of Glutathione in the body. It is not the intended effect, but for many people it does produce a skin lightening result. 

There are some exceptions to the rule, but for the generally healthy, the body will begin to produce more pheomelanin (light pigment) than eumelanin (darker pigment) after a period of 1-3 months or longer of consistent use.  Vitamin C is the real activator of Glutathione in the body, and should be used alongside every Glutathione supplement. The only bio-available source of Glutathione is Liposomal Glutathione and Vitamin C, far exceeding the effects of common capsule supplements like Relumins and others. It allows for an absorption rate of about 80-90%, almost equivalent to an IV infusion. To get started, or if you have specific questions related to Glutathione, contact our skincare experts or visit the Product Page here. 

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