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What is Glutathione and how does it work? 

Glutathione (GSH, or reduced glutathione) is an incredible anti-oxidant found within the human body.  Its primary function in the body is to detoxify and protect the liver.  It does so by eradicating free-radicals entering the body through food, pollution, through exposure to heavy metals and generally from living in a highly industrialized society. During the process of detoxification, Glutathione produces amazing benefits to health and skin. It is widely acclaimed for the association it has with skin lightening.  Glutathione has the ability to block tyrosinase activity in the blood, the primary enzyme responsible for the production of eumelanin. Eumelanin is the enzyme responsible for producing a darker pigment in the skin. By supplementing with Glutathione for a longer period of time, the body begins producing more pheomelanin (lighter pigment) than its counterpart (eumelanin), hence the skin lightens.

Research also shows that Glutathione inhibits the synthesis of melanin by interrupting the function of L-DOPA.  L-DOPA is one of the co-factors in the monophenolase reaction of tyrosine. Many people consume Glutathione for both its health and its cosmetic benefits.

Is Glutathione safe? 

Supplementing with Glutathione is not only recognized as being incredibly safe for the human body, but it has also been recommended by some of the worlds most recognized doctors and physicians.  Truth is, Glutathione is actually very critical to the functioning of the human body, without it, we’d all be very sick.   Supplementing with extra Glutathione not only helps to maintain cellular function, and improve the liver’s detoxification abilities, but it also helps the body stay and remain in a healthy state.  The anti-oxidant function of Glutathione help to maintain the health of the skin, allowing it to exude a natural radiance and brightness which can easily be noticed by others.

What are the potential side effects? 

There are no reported side effects of Glutathione.  In fact, the only known side effect is the actual skin whitening that takes place, which occurs due to an inhibition of tyrosinase activity. All other ‘reported’ side effects which may have been categorized under Glutathione usage, are specifically recognized for products which do not meet the required national health and safety guidelines and are categorically unsafe and un-applicable for use.

When considering Glutathione supplementation, it is incumbent upon the Glutathione user to ensure they are receiving a reputable product. Seeking out a product with a cGMP stamp of approval will give you the assurance you need that your product has been vetted properly by an independent third party.   The country of manufacture is also important, as many countries do not have the proper regulations in place to prevent the manufacturing of unregulated, and highly dangerous supplements. 

What is the recommended dosage for my skin complexion?  

There are no strict guidelines on the best ‘dosage’ to take for Glutathione unless otherwise stated by your healthcare practitioner.  Glutathione is water soluble, meaning any excess is immediately flushed out (via the urine) of the body typically within a 5-6 hour window.   

However, based on both clinical and anecdotal research the recommended dosage to be taken for Glutathione are as follows: 

600mg – 900mg  – For general anti-oxidant protection.
1200mg – For anti-aging purposes.
1200mg, 2400mg and 3000mg – For skin whitening purposes.
Each dose of Glutathione should be accompanied with a higher or equal dosage of Vitamin C to ensure the proper activation of the Glutathione in the body.
The frequency of intake of Glutathione at these doses will depend on the form in which the Glutathione is being delivered.  Oral, Liposomal and I.V. Glutathione all have different frequencies of intake, however, the general dosages remain the same.

Is it safe to consume a higher dosage than what is recommended by the experts? 

As Glutathione is water-soluble, any excess that is not used by the body is flushed out of the body via the urine. This means you don’t have to worry about consuming more than what your body requires. In fact, it is the excess of glutathione that produces what is known as a  ‘spill-over effect’ causing the observed changes in the skin complexion.   That being said, it is important that you do not consume a massively excess amount of Glutathione over a long period of time. A dosage between 2000mg-3000mg of Glutathione is the general dosage limit supplied to clients across many clinics in the UK and abroad. We ensure all our supplies do not exceed this limit, and we ensure all our clients are made aware of such requirements/dosages upon purchasing.  It should be noted that there are also no reported cases of Glutathione overdose. 

How long does it take for the skin whitening to take place? 

The L-Glutathione (Reduced Glutathione) found in Glutathione products reduces the melanocytes which produce melanin. The process of skin whitening with Glutathione occurs on the dermal layer (inner layer) of the skin. This is why it takes a little while for the initial skin changes to appear.  However, don’t be discouraged in the slightest, as changes are generally observed within 2-3 weeks of using Glutathione. The whitening process occurs from head to toe, leaving you with an entirely even complexion.

The length of time it takes to see results depends on the individual. As each individual has a different metabolic rate, each individual will absorb the Glutathione at a different rate. It is important to apply a clean diet, avoid excessive alcohol consumption, and consume plenty of water in order to see the beneficial effects of Glutathione.

I am not seeing a skin whitening result from Glutathione, what should I be doing to induce a skin whitening effect? 

The pace at which you will see skin whitening results depends on your body’s metabolism and liver function. Glutathione is already naturally being produced within the body, and so with the extra supplementation, you are simply just boosting your bodies own natural production of Glutathione!
What you must do to get the skin lightening effect is ensure your Glutathione levels remain consistently high throughout the day in order to produce ‘the spill-over effect’. The spillover effect of Glutathione is what causes the skin cells to begin the production of phaeomelanin (lighter pigment) as opposed to darker pigment (eumelanin).
Avoid alcohol consumption and narcotics (smoking!), consume lots of water and take additional Vitamin C to increase the uptake of the Glutathione in the body.  Furthermore, ensure you are taking an appropriate dosage of Glutathione for your skin complexion. Darker skin complexions tend to take a longer time to see initial skin whitening results. If you have used Glutathione for a long period of time, at an appropriate dosage and still haven’t seen any skin changes, consider checking your liver function.

Which brands of Glutathione do you stock, and is it safe and effective? 

Our main line of products, LipoGlow™ Liposomal is not only domestically produced (manufactured within FDA regulated facilities), but is also ideal for those looking for the highest absorption possible due to the high level of purity of the raw ingredients used in the making of the products.

Is it okay to use whitening creams in addition to the pills?

Of course, we recommend you continue your skin whitening/ skincare regimen in addition to your glutathione treatment. Having healthy, nourished skin is just as important. However, it is best to completely avoid all products containing hydroquinone, steroids, mercury, or any other product containing harsh skin whitening ingredients.

Hydroquinone and other steroid laden products behave as any other toxin would within the body, and this can affect your supplementation efforts.  Thereby, affecting your end result from your Glutathione treatment.

Is the Glutathione whitening permanent or semi-permanent? Will I go back to being dark after I stop using glutathione?

Glutathione skin whitening will occur so long as reduced Glutathione remains in the metabolic pathway. For as long as the body has sufficient levels of L-Glutathione in its bloodstream, the process of skin lightening will continue.  The whitening process is gradual with Glutathione, so do not expect a fast result. The skin lightens at a relatively slow pace, but the skin whitening result is often very effortless and appears as though it is the complexion you were originally born with. 

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