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Documenting a client's journey with The Yellow Peeling Oil

The Yellow Peeling Oil  is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid based oil, specifically developed by SHCGlutathione to target hyper-pigmented skin.  It is a medium-strength peel, ideal for the knuckles, feet, knees and those hard to peel areas. As it penetrates the skin deeper than most peels, it is ideal for tougher skin or skin that can tolerate deeper peels.

A client of ours has documented her journey with The YPO through a series of photos.

*Copyright notice: All photos belong solely to SHCGlutathione and cannot be used elsewhere.

Days 1 – 4


Days 3 – 8

Days 8 – 15


Although results will vary depending on the extent of the hyperpigmentation and individual skin type, consider using this peel to remove hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and scars (remember that not all scars respond to chemical peels).  

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