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Last Updated May 28, 2019 | Published May 26, 2019 at 13:05PM | Author: Alicia Edwards

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Skin lightening has been around for many years, even as far back as the Victorian ages.

Skin lightening is only dangerous if you are using an unregulated product, containing hydroquinone, mercury compounds, or steroids. 

The side effects of using unregulated products can be irreversible and fatal at times. 

Glutathione and Vitamin C products are the best choice for a natural, and beautiful skin lightening result. 

Lightening the skin or even desiring to have lighter skin has always been a controversial subject. The controversy surrounding the topic of skin lightening has made it a somewhat taboo subject.  This means many people in today’s culture simply don’t want to talk about it. In this short article, we’re going to address why the topic of skin lightening shouldn’t be shunned and whether ‘skin lightening’ truly is bad for the health and the skin. 

Skin Lightening Has Been Present in Every Culture.

Despite popular notions, the rise in skin lightening and the rising preference for lighter skin within the Asian and Black demographics isn’t actually something new.

People of all races, cultures, and societies introduced some form of skin lightening into their skincare and beauty regimens, even the Victorian’s were known for their strange and rather hazardous ways of achieving a lighter skin complexion.  Victorian women took skin lightening to a whole new extreme, many are documented to have poisoned themselves with small doses of lead, mercury, and arsenic, ingredients which were known at the time to cause pigment loss in the skin. In fact,  Bohemian women would literally bathe in Arsenic Springs in order to achieve a lighter skin complexion.  The use of arsenic in small quantities became so effective as a skin lightening agent that many continued its use for decades after. (Arsenic is a poison, don’t use it!)

Skin Lightening Isn’t Safe Unless You Use a Natural Product

The skincare industry is a billion dollar industry and it comes with no surprise that there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing within the industry. The wide-scale availability of skin lightening products poses the obvious question of safety and questions as to what is actually in these products. 

The most harmful ‘chemical’ ingredients you should look out for when considering a skin lightening product include: 

• Hydroquinone  

• Topical corticosteroids or “steroids”  

• Mercury compounds

However, the underlying problem within the industry is the lack of regulation of skin lightening products. Many of the products you will commonly see on the shelves today, from Fair & White, Makari, Caro Light amongst others are produced in countries which lack sufficient regulation and proper standards of production. This means you’re not only likely to get a poor quality product, but you’re also getting products which contains ‘ingredients’ which probably aren’t as they say so on the label.

The only solution to the problem:  Don’t use any products produced in third-world countries, and always do copious amounts of research on the company behind the product. Any hints of steroid or hydroquinone use?Put it down. Don’t risk it.  

The Best Natural Skin Lightener. 

• Liposomal (Liquid) Glutathione and Vitamin C

We think it’s relatively simple. Would you rather have a skin lightening result like this from Glutathione? 

The result with Glutathione is often times, although it’s a much more gradual and slower process: a healthy, radiant, and clearer complexion.

Or would you risk looking like this? (below)

The result with skin lightening creams is many times a complexion that lacks radiance, ages faster (due to a thinning of the skin), and an overwhelming presence of hyper and hypo-pigmentation areas (an excessive lightening or darkening on one or more areas of the skin) as shown above. With the obvious risk of Ochronosis (a severe hardening and blue-blackening of the skin as a result of hydroquinone use

Make the best choice for your skin today.

Start using Glutathione for a lighter, and clearer skin complexion. 

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